What Parents are Saying

Reading Works Manual

“Previous programs we have used had my daughter convinced she hated language arts and was not very intelligent. After a month..., she was saying that spelling was her favorite subject in school! When asked why, she said, ‘I understand it now.’ She actually brings a piece of paper into the kitchen while I am cooking and asks me to give her words to spell, just for fun! This from a child who shed countless tears last year over her spelling book!”

Stacy Walker from Minnesota
Grammar Works Manual

“Thank you so much for the time and effort you have put into Reading Works workshop over the years. ....I was so impressed with the drive you had to unlock the beauty of The Writing Road to Reading. That you saw its genius and stuck with it and found a way to make it work for you and your students show your commitment to your students and the passion you have for them to succeed. That you have made the effort to share your discovery with others and have poured yourself into making it available to us through Reading Works and Grammar Works shows the broadness of your heart. Thank you so much.”

Alison Grotberg from North Dakota
Reading Works Workshop

“As a college English major with a fairly good grasp of the English language, I honestly expected little more from the Reading Works workshop. How delightfully surprised I was. I found the workshop not only informative but inspirational and challenging. I can hardly wait to teach my children using Reading Works and The Writing Road to Reading, and to learn so much that has been lacking from my own education. When I realize all I have to learn in the area in which I feel I am fairly knowledgeable, I am absolutely frightened of my inadequacies in math and science. Thank you...I am exceedingly grateful.”

Stacy Picard from Iowa
Reading Works Manual

“I just want to say how much I LOVE your curriculum!

Spelling and grammar have gone from my absolute least favorite/most dreaded subject to teach, to our entire family's MOST favorite. The...way this method is taught is far superior to the other versions of the Spalding method and Writing Road to Reading that I have tried. I used to dread when it came time to teach this with my children. I would try to get it done first thing in the morning just to get it over with. Now we do it first thing in the morning because each child… asks to do it! Mr. Patterson's research and knowledge on the ‘why's’ behind the reasons for...things make a world of difference.

RW has wonderful spelling list cards, with the way to spell the word, how to mark each letter and the spelling rules as well, so there is no question as to why or how to mark the words, or what rules are used. This has been EXTREMELY helpful in working our way through the lists and has really eliminated any question as to if I am doing it right.

The Tool Box, which has been so helpful in keeping each child's lists organized. There is no question as to where each one is at – I just open up the tool box and go to that child's section. For big families (and small too) both of these have made a tremendous difference in streamlining our school day and getting everything accomplished. One of my biggest regrets is not starting out with Reading Works right away.”

Alisha, Veteran Home School Mom of seven

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