A Summary on Reading Works

Reading Works is a step-by-step road map with word-for-word instruction. This scripted instruction is designed to secure reading tools so that emerging readers are empowered and struggling readers are rescued.

This empowerment occurs because the following foundation stones are strategically embedded:

  • Students learn that Reading Works is a training program that is founded upon the research of Dr. Samuel T. Orton, a practicing neuropathologist in the last century.
  • Students learn that all reading subroutines (to the neglect of none) must be introduced so that the multiple complexities that make up the process of reading are understood.
  • Clock points and page points are used to teach very important, explicit, foundational, manuscript handwriting while simultaneously introducing a comprehensive phonics process with over 90 precise sound/symbol relationships.
  • Using all four modalities to reach the mind; auditory, visual, kinesthetic and vocal, the student learns an analysis process to determine reasons for why words are spelled like they are. Therefore, spelling is taught by application and not by rote.
  • This 4-6 year program starting at kindergarten embeds the following tools to assure mastery: precise handwriting, both manuscript and cursive, 91 one-letter, two-letter, three-letter and four-letter phonograms, 40 spelling rules all introduced in application, and a 3000 word core vocabulary.
  • The regimen of the process inculcates attentional capacity which is the strength of a student’s mind equipping them to pay attention to the details of our language. Attentional capacity is a paramount requisite for effective comprehension.
  • Students also learn a process called orthographic analysis. Students learn how to mark words, determine syllabication, and discover spelling rules. An emerging lexicon expands ever growing student vocabularies: reading, writing, spelling, comprehension and syntax.
  • And most importantly… students gain confidence, experience genuine success, develop reading fluency, become expert spellers, and discover elevated comprehension. The student will own a literacy that will prevail. Because it is based upon reliable, take-it- to-the-bank research, Reading Works just flat out ‘works’.
Empowering children in
Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, and Grammar, 
so they excel in all Subjects.

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