Empowering homeschooled children in

Handwriting, Spelling, Reading, Grammar

so they can excel in all subjects


Is This You ?

As a Homeschooling parent, you want the VERY best in Educational Opportunities for your children.

While trying to comb through 100’s of curriculum catalogs for the best programs, you still have home chores, dinner to make, church youth groups, date nights (remember those?) and 103 other things to get done this week.

So you ask yourself this,

“Would you like a COMPLETE English program with NO gaps

which can be completely tailored to your children’s needs with

easy-to-follow, step-by-step implementation THAT REALLY WORKS?



Home school families are unique. You are more than just a “Home School Mom or Dad”.

You are a mom / dad, a spouse, and entrepreneur, a home business owner, a chauffeur, a soccer coach, a scientist, a nutritionist, a doctor, a nurse, a vet and that’s just by 10:15 AM Monday morning.

As busy as you are, you don’t have any time to waste on “another” English program leaving your children lacking the basic skills needed to succeed in today’s world.

You’ve watched too many seminars, webinars, and conferences and seen programs strong in Reading but lacking in Spelling and not even mentioning Handwriting (especially if you have boys).

If you are like many of our past clients, you want a proven program that has step-by-step implementation and that is affordable as well as fun (our students have a blast learning English).

If you want to become a better teacher and

get the encouragement it takes to stay the course…



Take a minute to think about what you would need in a Mentor to help you and your children master English class and succeed in life.

What mentoring characteristics would be important to you?

That person would need to be a Homeschooling Mom or Dad like yourself, while understanding the Public School System’s teaching methods.

It would help if they’d written a book or two on English, Grammar, Handwriting, and Reading and wouldn’t it be cool if their kids struggled with reading too, despite all their training.

Meet Your Guides… Jay & Jeanne Patterson

Both Jay and Jeanne are experienced public school instructors. Jay has been teaching Language Arts, Journalism, Creative Writing, Literature and Drama since 1973. He presently teaches in a small community in Central Minnesota.

Jeanne began classroom teaching in 1971, where she taught for 5 years. She continued teaching as a home educator for 17 years. Their sons, Jared and Joel, were home schooled from the time they became school age. When Jared struggled with English, they looked for research-based concepts to help him learn. These concepts became the beginnings of their comprehensive English program.

Jay is the author of THE WORKS TRILOGY, a set of very strong and effective language arts texts:

  • Reading Works: Gleanings from My Journey along The Writing Road to Reading
  • Grammar Works: Equipping Students with Tools to Master the English Language
  • Writing Works: An Analytical Approach to Writing

These published works came about as a result of his responsibilities as a teacher of both high-achieving and at-risk students and at the prodding of his workshop participants over the years.



With over 40 years of teaching experience, they have developed a complete Interactive Learning Experience that reflects the following:


Multi-Sensory (Multi-Modality): Learn to link speech sounds to letters and letter patterns using all four avenues to the brain: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic (Tactile), and Vocal Learning.

Multi-Student: Instructions meet the needs of all students at their particular learning level whether an emerging reader, a struggling reader, or a fluent reader.

Multi-Grade Level: Builds sequentially upon what each student has already learned.

Multi-Subject: Dovetails Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, & Composition.

It will help any student, at any grade level,

at any ability level achieve mastery of the English Language.



As you know, Reading, Writing, Spelling and Grammar are the foundations of all other subjects.

If your child is struggling in other subjects, it may be because of a lack of automaticity with reading, writing, and, therefore, comprehension.

Doesn’t your child deserve the best education?

Our integrated learning experience is some of the most important class work they'll ever learn.

Imagine what their life will be like when they graduate?

They’ll enjoy learning. They will become great readers. They will become proficient spellers.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, they will become eager Self-Learners (which as you know, is a primary goal of all education).



In our 40+ years of teaching, we’ve seen 100’s of families go through our program and 1000’s of students succeed in life.

However, at every conference, seminar, and educational event, we still meet families where just “Good Enough” just isn’t “Good Enough”.

They are discovering that they didn’t know that they didn’t know!

They hadn’t known what a complete English program

looked like and sadly, their children have suffered.

We’ve seen too many families who…

  • Stay the course with an Incomplete Program that has some critical components but not all
  • Continue Poor Spelling Habits
  • Have children Struggle in EVERY other class because reading skills are not maximized

The end result of not getting a complete, integrated educational experience is frustrated parents, many missed opportunities and endless amounts of time, money and effort wasted.



Learn more about this Language Arts Process to help empower your children to Learn for Life!